Wolfshead Field Archery

A unique combination of field shooting across both moorland and woods on the North Yorkshire Moors, south of Whitby

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Wolfshead Field Archers (Wolfshead) is a National Field Archery Society ( NFAS ) affiliated club formed in 2007 by members of the Whitby Company of Archers (WCOA). Most members of Wolfshead are also members of WCOA and close links are maintained between the two clubs. We encourage all those interested in field archery to complete a beginners target archery course with WCOA first, to become competent archers, before trying field archery.  To join Wolfshead, you will need to join NFAS as an associate member and be signed off by the Wolfshead club coach before becoming a full NFAS member.  Full NFAS membership will also enable you to enter competitions and shoot at other clubs.

Wolfshead Open Competitions

Wolfshead generally runs three open competitions each year. You must be a NFAS member to enter and proof of NFAS membership must be shown when signing-in.

The course consists of 40 3D targets with a unique combination of moor and woodland setting.  Signing-in usually closes at 10.15am with competitions starting at 10.30 am. Full catering is available throughout the day.

The results from the open competition held on  27 February 2022 can be found here

Our remaining 2022 open shoot dates are:
5th June
4th September
To book your place, email us at [email protected] or check the  NFAS Competitions page for more details.