Have-a-Go Hire

Whitby Company of Archers has an excellent reputation for its "have-a-go" archery events, which offer members of the public the opportunity to try their hand at archery under expert coaching. The club provides all equipment, training and supervision and is a proven attraction at local events.

This fun attraction offers younger and "young in heart and mind" archers the opportunity to try their hand at attacking the Sheriff of Nottinghams' Castle, with various characters waiting to be shot from the ramparts! 

Try Target Archery

For those keen to try target archery, we have qualified archery GB coaches who will provide coaching on shooting with a recurve bow to ensure that you are soon hitting "gold".

We can also provide exhibits of different types of bows, arrows, costumes and tools used to produce Traditional English Longbows and arrows.  We also have a number of specialists on hand to expand on the exhibit's history and how and when they would have been used. All our Have-a-Go events are run in accoradnace with the Achery GB Code of Practice.

To find out more or to arrange a "Have-a-go" event, please  e-mail  us for details and cost.